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MonteRay Ranch Horse Training Services

Do you have a horse that is ready to be trained? Or how about a broke horse that needs to be more responsive? Or maybe you're ready to take your horse to the next level and start competing at local, futurity, or breed shows. Whatever your horse training needs are, we're here to help. With a proven track record in and out of the show ring and over 25 years of training experience, Krista Montgomery can help take you to that next level.

Our Training Philosophy
I always tell people, "If you are in a big hurry, do not choose me!" I do things slowly and carefully. I am too old to play "Rodeo Queen." I think this will give you a better horse in the end anyway. We also have many times when we are gone to shows and my children are often busy with school activities that I don't want to miss. So again, there are many other trainers to choose from, but if you are still interested after reading all this, then here is how I feel about breaking and training.

  • We do not force, we teach. We do not intimidate, we let them choose, but we make the right choice so much easier for them to take.
  • We make sure that we are honest about what each horse can achieve and we determine what will be their niche or strong suit in life.
  • We will spend time with you so you will be able to get the same performance out of your horse that we do. Training fees are "money in the fire" if you can't ride your own horse.
  • We have repeat customers from as far away as Montana, Wisconsin, Bismarck, Minneapolis, Fargo and all around the upper midwest and I think the reason why is that they know they will get their moneys worth.

Breaking and Training Rates:
$400.00 plus board of $280 per month (view boarding information)
Exceptions to this price include tune-ups, halter or showmanship only, conditioning or maintenance of your show horse during their stay after your initial training period.

Feed and Supplements:
Horses are fed twice a day grain and hay. Grain is clean oats with Flax Seed and pure Biotin added. Hay is the best alfalfa and grass hay that we can buy. MonteRay Ranch will put its hay up against anyone else's. It is awesome. Bedding is wood shavings.

For more information contact Krista Montgomery at KristaMont@aol.com or 701.739.0465.