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My experience at MonteRay ranch has been one of great services provided, excellent training, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere for myself, my children and my horses. I have been able to return to showing and enjoying competition due to the training, lessons and encouragement provided by Krista Montgomery at MonteRay Ranch.

-- Janne M.

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MonteRay Ranch Show Coaching

Whether you're a seasoned horse show competitor or entering the horse show ring for the first time, MonteRay Ranch provides specialized horse show coaching to help you succeed! Krista Montgomery has been helping horse enthusiasts of all ages succeed in the ring for over 25 years.

In October 2007, MonteRay Ranch hauled 22 horses to the American Quarter Horse Show in Valley City, North Dakota. The results are undisputable — all but 2 horses came home with points!

Why Show Coaching?

  • We love showing.
  • We love to get the most out of you, your child, and your horse—and we like to have fun doing it.
  • We like to take a horse and have it exceed our expectations!
  • We work with what we have - and we win.
  • Everyone's last name is not Rockefeller! One of my biggest joys is winning with a horse that probably shouldn't be able to. The average owner can't buy their way into winning, (ie: a zillion dollar horse) but they can earn their wins through hard work and a "never say never" attitude.
  • Let me help you realize that it can be done. Don't let anyone make you feel like you can't be competitive with any limitations you might possess, or the horse you have. We might have to work harder - but I say YOU CAN.

Show coaching and hauling prices available upon request.

For more information contact Krista Montgomery at KristaMont@aol.com or 701.696.2214.