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Nori Miller

Featured Student

  • Nori Miller

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Featured Student: Nori Miller

Nori MillerWhat are the names of your horses?
Kid and Tommy

How long have you been riding?
6 or 7 yrs. A very long, long time.

What do you like to show in best?
Western Pleasure, Halter, Showmanship and horsemanship. I'm hoping to do trail someday.

What do you think is your most embarrassing moment with Kid?
When I was lunging him, I did a summersault. It is also embarrassing when he gets away on me while he is being lunged. It is really hair rising. Another time was when I nearly fell off during my lesson, almost giving Krista a heart attack at the same time. I have to say it was a little scary.

What are you favorite hobbies or activities not related to horses?
Drawing, watching TV, I really like the tv show Pit Boss on Animal Planet, because I am a pit bull fanatic! I have been drawing and dreaming about owning a purebred pit bull terrier of my own.

Nori Miller
What are your favorite memories?
My other favorite moments were when I got to show in Valley City two years ago with all the really big time show horses like the American quarter horses and appaloosas. It was a very joy full experience. Kid and I had a lot of fun and would like to keep on doing it forever.the road.